About Heidi


With a background in dramaturgical research, having an MA in Shakespeare Studies and originally working as a Researcher at Shakespeare’s’ Globe, I moved into freelance drama facilitation with a specialism in working with children across primary and secondary schools on learning Shakespeare best through drama and performance. Now I also have a specialism working with Early Years and SEND children (babies from 6 months through nursery, pre-school, Reception & KS1). Currently I also work for 2 main arts and educational organisations, where the belief is that children learn best through play. As well as co-leading and assisting for Knots Arts drama workshops, I lead Pyjama Drama play programme for children up to 7 years that aims to develop key skills by igniting children’s imaginations in nurseries and online. At Polka Theatre– a theatre dedicated exclusively to children – I have worked as a freelance drama practitioner for their schools and Polka online programme, as well as being their Creative Learning Officer.